In 2015 we created iLAB Plus – the innovative training environment.

iLab PLUS is a kind of „innovation laboratory”, technologically and ergonomically designed for creative solutions and testing of software and hardware prototypes. New technologies in iLAB improve training processes, provide evidence of teaching effectiveness, and enable it to be objectively evaluated.

The effects reinforce the unique atmosphere of a place where multimedia are linked with human-friendly solutions and the environment. iLAB is based on the unique experience, the innovative approach to the market, the constant development and it is tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

Our field of interest is the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies, social and online media, co-working environment for education, training and social consultations.

Eurokreator has also developed a model of creating social iLabs – the centers for solving local problems and it is going to adapt the solution to the educational revitalization projects in Cracow and Sosnowiec.

We have completed several projects related to the continuing education and vocational training, training preparation and teachers’ internships in enterprises, subregional partnerships in the area of ​​economic change management.

Our base includes modern training products, author’s programs, experienced trainers, experts in their fields with high competence in training, as well as certified coaches. Our staff: qualified trainers and business coaches who have the ability to combine cognitive processes with the use of modern technologies, experts in the field of sensory and communication marketing, IT / VR / game consultants and qualified employees, including managers and multimedia product development professionals.

In 2017, Eurokreator and the Jagiellonian University conducted the research program that had developed a set of methodological guidelines for providing the innovative trainings involving the use of modern technologies in the training process. It was about exploring the impact of the specificity of this space on the perceptual memory of users and how to create interactions.

The measurement equipment was the main source of the information, in the form of:
– Eyetracker Pupils Lab – analysis of the visual path of selected users
– GSR and HR sensors – collecting of the affective data
– EEG data collection
– proxemics observations

As a result of research and observation we can say that the basis for understanding the iLab solution is to treat it as a multimodal environment, both in the context of the user’s behaviour and in the choice of equipment and the organization of space.

The iLab is built as a space for full use of modality, mobility and senses, so it is important for us to diagnose cognitive styles and then apply them accordingly to the hardware and software selection for each session.

The project aims to improve the perception of the user. It can be used in education, decision-making and research. The iLab is part of the „agile working” trend and a holistic approach to user activity.

Eurokreator would like to develop the iLab education environment within Erasmus+ partnership model. The future partnership’s goals are:
– dissemination of the resulting solutions, training modules, eLearning training content, comparative reports, case studies, teaching materials, manuals, training guides, instructions, procedures for recognition of learning outcomes
– establishing and developing the networks; improving skills and capabilities at international level by exchanging, comparing different ideas, solutions, practices and working methods.

We are a member of Life Science Cluster, Lewiatan Association and Founder of the Life Science Cluster Foundation.

Eurokreator supports the concept of an innovative training environment (multimodal educational space). It is based on: space, technology and techniques of moderating of the workshops. The educational space has the specific microclimate and some green elements: natural moss, plants and herbs, as well as aromas that have a positive effect on memory and concentration.

Company is building partnerships for lifelong learning by engaging in the program the Małopolska Partnership for Continuing Education and the Małopolska Education Cluster. In particular, by taking part in solving the problems concerning the quality of education, the development of professional qualifications, the models of cooperation between employers and schools.